Human Rejection is God Protection

We know rejection is a word that sounds bad. However, today rejection has become the norm. Earlier people did not have much money, they took things in return. If someone had wheat, if someone had lentils, they would change it. There was no chance of rejection. At that time, everything was important. There were appreciative people. Be it someone’s daughter or someone else.

I selected this rejected article. Because I am enduring it myself.

There are many changes in human life. However, this does not mean that it should be rejected. So life gets a little difficult. Nobody thinks about anyone anymore. Humanity within man is now limited to meaning only. So he will be an angel-like person who will accept the rejected thing. I am using the word thing here because one person is considered one thing today.

I am a heart patient. 2018 was major open-heart surgery. 2 valves were replaced. My parents were looking for my breath. That stage was very difficult for me. I was in ICU, I was fighting for my life. There were plans to reject me. Because they think I’m useless now. Why I had something useless. I was out of breath. Isn’t life the name of breathing? I think breath is the name of life. I was engaged to my cousin. The operation here was acceptable but not for me. apologies! For the first time since then, I have been rejected. It felt weird I read Alhamdulillah that Allah saved me from my insignificant people. Indeed, Allah makes better what he does. Every human being has some or other health problem. Every human being, when he is ill, finds his illness greater. However, rejection is the only such inconvenience. Which makes everyone feel the same? I’ve been rejecting myself ever since. So I have no regrets. That I’m getting rejected.

“I believe that rejection is a blessing because it’s the universe’s way of telling you that there’s something better out there” (Michelle Phan)

A few months ago I went to a school for an interview. The interview went well but when they found out I had a heart condition. So he said we can’t keep you. Rejected again. But I read Alhamdulillah and said it doesn’t matter, of course, Allah does better whatever He does. Rejection is part of our lives. Will you be so frustrated all your life? No, we have to endure it because Allah has written something better in our lives.

“I think the rejection — if it’s taken in the right spirit, it can make you a better person. And I think that is what I’ve always striven for. If one thing didn’t work out, a project or anything, it doesn’t mean that I lose my own confidence. In fact, I give myself a lot more confidence and opportunities”(Kangana Ranaut)

Rejection is not a big deal for me. I have prepared myself for this. Rejection is a part of your life. Unless you are rejected. So how will you have the courage? In shaa Allah, I will never give up. I do not reject anyone. And no, I can’t hurt anyone. I don’t want you to reject someone if you can’t accept them. I want to be the courage of everyone. You too should be someone’s courage. And yes, if the rejection is written in everyone’s life, then there must be some wisdom of Allah behind it. That is what I want to say to all of you. Accept rejection and move on. Don’t despair. Allah is the Best of doers. And live your life with acceptance of everything. Thank you!



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