Part of being a person is about helping others

If you want to work to help give your children country children love and give to individuals. It is not an easy task for us, but when you see examples of generosity, it becomes easier to understand. If we know the importance of donating clothes. It is a small movement that can help people understand the beauty of giving. It gives us peace of mind and meets the needs of other needy people.

When children get out of their clothes with age, emphasize the importance of donating their clothes to them. Who need these clothes. Now we need to emphasize the protection of the environment more than ever. And donating clothes is a big step for anyone of any age.

We have all the spare clothes. We give what we need to those we know. But a woman comes to our house. Syed belongs to the family. Are very poor. We help them a lot. Clothes, rations, money whatever it may be we help them. And she is very calm. She also prays a lot. He was just getting married to a daughter. We collected dowry as much as we could. And so on. And the Brotherhood will also tell them about the Akhuwat Clothes Bank.

If we do not know such people. Who needs these clothes or not? In our country, there is a Akhuwat Clothes Bank that helps the poor. if we. If you want to deliver something to someone deserving, we should contact Akhuwat Clothes Bank. Tell your acquaintances, relatives, and friends about Akhuwat Clothes bank. This institution delivers things with love and dignity to those in need with dignity.

Me, my family and acquaintances decided that we would have whatever clothes we had next. We will give to the brothers together. We don’t have to go to the Akhuwat Clothes Bank, they come home and pick us up. When we give something in the way of Allah, Allah rewards and favors us. We should help the poor as much as possible.

Part of being a person is about helping others.



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