Problem Solving -Lockdown

I will tell you about Lock Down today. It’s been a year since we endured the lockdown. Sometimes the lockdown seems tough, sometimes just normal. But those who are sensitive are afraid to go out. Corona is a very severe epidemic. Everyone was in trouble. Even those who belonged to rich families who were good, even those who were poor, it was very difficult in the beginning. But over time, that is likely to change. So because of Karuna, our lives had become very difficult. We were afraid to bring anything from outside, even from going out. Our daily activities were interrupted. The business also suffered a lot. The children’s studies also suffered a lot. And people who were very sick also had a hard time. In coming and going to the hospital.

Going to the hospital was also scary. If a person’s health deteriorates, but if he goes to the hospital, he would be positive and would be kept in the corona ward. If everyone was scared, no one would go. So the solution was also found. In the age of internet, people used to take online appointments at home and take medicine by telling their problem to the doctor while sitting at home. He would go to the hospital if someone was very sick.

I myself became very ill last year. I was afraid to go to the hospital because of Corona. The village had a hospital. When the doctor checked he said he had a lung infection so he gave the wrong injection. As a result, my blood thinned and the van leaked. Then we went to Islamabad Hospital. We did not enter Bilal Hospital before. Then we went to Al-Shifa Hospital. They admitted me but kept me in Corona ward and did not allow anyone to enter. Because I had an infection, according to the old report, my parents were worried about what to do. Then I kept corona in the ward for two days. Without the test, the corona was tested after considerable insist. The report came 6 hours later. And negativity. So all the people who told us to keep them in the Corona Ward were right. What we are told is true somewhere. So it was very difficult. Take care of yourself and go to the best doctor. Never go to the hospital.

Then there were other issues in Lockdown, such as shopping. The market could not go. What to do online shopping was not the same. But the first test was the right thing. The quality was also good. Then I started shopping online. Delivery at home was also free, so our problem was solved. So do we have anything now? Requires whether it is clothes, shoes, medicine. When we order from home, things arrive in 2,3 days. We don’t have to go anywhere

Over time, everyone’s problems began to be solved. People started doing business online and started selling their goods. And children began teaching online in schools. There are only classes online. And there are online exams. Life has become easier with the internet. Because everything started to be online, whether it was shopping, whether it was check-up, whether it was study, whether it was business, we can easily do any of our work.

People who didn’t have internet support used to wear masks and bring whatever they needed. In the lockdown we all suffered losses and also gains. So Allah has made it easy with every difficulty. Now with time we will learn to live with corona With SOP follow we can come anywhere. Can do shopping. And can do your daily chores. Follow SOP and take care of yourself and your family.